Cattle For Sale

Our cow herd at Rafter 17 Ranching consists of 600 commercial black angus & black angus cross cows of moderate frame. We place a strong emphasis on maternal traits when purchasing our bulls & semen for our AI program. By doing so, we have been able to improve the quality of our cow herd and this has increased the quality of the calf weaned in the fall. We have used prolific black angus sires such as HF TIGER 5T, HF GMAN 29B & most recently HF ALCATRAZ 80F in our AI program. This past year we also AI'd a number of our black angus cows to Hereford bull HODGEMAN 244H & have some really nice heifer calves to add to the herd in a couple of years.

We sell our steer calves in the fall and backround all of our heifer calves. In the spring, we sort off about 200 of the top end heifers and breed them to proven low birthweight black angus bulls. We keep back about half of these bred heifers as replacements and the others are sold through Olds Auction Mart in one of their fall bred sales. We are extremely proud of the quality of heifers that we maintain & offer for sale. 

Herd health is top priority for us. Calves receive a nasal dose of INFORCE 3 & ONCE PMH at birth. At our branding in April, calves receive PYRAMID 5 WITH PRESPONSE & FERMICON 7, followed by another dose of each in the fall when they are weaned. In the spring, all of the heifers, cows & bulls receive EXPRESS 5 FP,  ULTRABAC 8 & SAFEGUARD. In the fall, CLEAN UP II is used for external parasite control, and all pregnant females are vaccinated with SCOUR BOS 9.  

Rafter 17 Ranching is a member of VBP+ and CRSB.